Last weekend we were at the RSPCA Big Walkies in Knighton park where we met tons of scrumptious pooches, some of whom we’d met before and lots of whom rapidly wanted to be friends, (purely for our dazzling personalities of course and certainly not because we had delicious liver cakes)!

Our stall was next to our friends at 4LetterWord and their doggies; Betty and Colin. Betty and Colin soon realised that we were giving out free samples and quickly decided to hang with us and hoover up any spillages!

The highlight of the day for ODT was definitely our gorgeous brown friend getting a little over excited and jumping on our table! We also had a collie who was extremely clever and used his front paws to knock over our sample jar and proceeded to help himself. I was so impressed (and a bit soft) so thought it only fair to let him help himself just for a little while. After all, there’s nothing on our treats that could harm him!


ndoggy on tablestanley at knighton parkVac Packed liver cakes