PawprintFresh, healthy & tasty dog treats. Made by hand and filled with love to create the perfect training aid (or just a yummy treat)!

We began Wizzle Dog Treats as we love fresh, healthy home cooking and think our doggies deserve the best too! Oscar, our German Shepherd /Collie cross (Rescue from Dogs Trust) was never interested in traditional, bought treats so I started cooking my own and suddenly he became interested in training and has since learnt some clever things including obedience with silent hand signals!!

Wizzle Dog Treats are without colourings, e-numbers and whatever else goes into a lot of bought treats. Our treats are simple, fresh, healthy and yummy!

Your dog is guaranteed to love these delicious delights and we bet he’ll do anything for them! Wizzle Liver Cakes are the ideal training treat… Just ask our Oscar!

Use as a training aid without having to worry about it being fattening and see the difference in your training and in your relationship with your dog.

Wizzle Dog Treats

Buy Wizzle Dog Treats and your dog will love you forever!