Fresh, healthy & tasty dog treats

We began Wizzle Dog Treats as we love fresh, healthy home cooking and think our doggies deserve the best too!

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Perfect Training Aid

Use as a healthy training aid without having to worry about it being fattening and see the difference in your training and in your relationship with your dog!

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Gluten Free

We Now sell Gluten free Liver Cakes! Just as tasty and effective as our standard ones but more suited to our canine customers with more sensitive tummies!

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Wizzle Dog Treats

It’s been a busy week at WDT HQ. We’ve just sent out our biggest order yet – 4KG Don’t forget that you can buy in bulk to save money and freeze your treats. They defrost very quickly and means you can do a little training on every walk and know...

RSPCA Big Walkies

Last weekend we were at the RSPCA Big Walkies in Knighton park where we met tons of scrumptious pooches, some of whom we’d met before and lots of whom rapidly wanted to be friends, (purely for our dazzling personalities of course and certainly not because we had...

Gluten Intolerance in Dogs

Interesting article on gluten intolerances: We didn’t realise how common it was for dogs to have intolerances to gluten until we started Oscar’s Dog Treats and customers kept asking us for gluten free. If your...

Hot weather for furries! Here are some top tips from Cesar on how to keep your canine companion cool this summer. We always go with number 10- SWIM! Oscar loves to swim, and swim and swim. He’s such a water baby! I love to...

Leicester Sighthounds

What a fab day today at the Leicester sighthounds show in Blaby! A great turn out by humans and canines alike! We have tons more shows booked so look forward to meeting more doggies and their humans over the next few...